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Antenatal Doula

The birth of your baby is an important and special time, a time where many changes are taking place. Becoming new parents is both exciting and challenging.


As an ante-natal Doula I meet with the prospective parents in the second or third trimester of pregnancy for us to get to know each other better and to learn about prior birth experiences and/or the history of the current pregnancy.  


You will receive invaluable information in preparation for birth, and in the early days when baby is home.

Cover normal, assisted and deviations from birth & labour.

Assistance with developing your birth preferences.

Enable you to make informed choices.

Show you how your bodies natural hormones affect labour and what you can do to help yourself.

Alternative procedures which you may not have considered.

Help you with relaxation, visualisation and breathing skills useful for labour.

Help you to determine pre-labour from true labour.

Provide information on the benefits of breastfeeding.

Reassurance that you can have your baby naturally if you chose to do so and much more.


New fathers, siblings, and other family members may also require the advice and support of a Doula.


A trial run to the hospital/labour ward if applicable and use of iems, CD's, DVD's ect  from my lending library.


You may be confined to bed for medical reasons. I can give you pregnancy support by assisting with mother/child care, light housekeeping duties, running short errands and preparing light nutritious meals. I can also help you deal with the additional fears associated with a high-risk pregnancy. Most importantly, I can help keep the family organised so their lives flow more smoothly even if mother is not feeling well. Your needs are my main concern as you go through the many changes demanded of you and your family.


Should you choose to go ahead with hiring me as your doula, I will assure you of my commitent to you and your family and will help you feel secure and relaxed as possible as you move towards your momentous day.







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