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Birth Doula

As a birth Doula I serve as a birth companion and information source to give you and your partner the added comfort of additional support throughout labour. I am there as a guide to support your choices.

I give emotional support from home to hospital and ease the transition into the hospital environment, whether you want to give birth naturally, with medication, or are planning a home birth or a C-section,  I use my experience, knowledge and instincts to help you keep relaxed and feel confident. I will remain with you throughout labour, no matter how long that may be, and stay with you after the birth of your baby.

I can work just as effectively if it is a home birth and I will wait until baby has taken the first feed and help you with establishing breastfeeding or formula feeding if that is what you have chosen to do. With my support and assistance, you can be sure that you will have the best possible environment for you to have an empowering birth.


-   Initial interview free of charge in the comfort of your own home.

-   Antenatal sessions to prepate for birth including information.

-   Unlimited telephone calls, texts and e-mails during the on call period.

-   Assistance with preparing a birth preferences.

-   On-call period 24 hrs a day before expected due and after due date.

-   Continuity of care during Labour and birth.

-   1 or 2 postnatal visits to review the birth depending on requirements.

-   Use of Lending Library,

-   A choice of home made gift after the arrival of baby. 

Please take a look at:


   At a point determined by you, I will assist you by:


Offering continuous laboubour and birth support.

Helping you feel safe and secure about your environment.

Encouraging nutrition and fluids in early labour.

Assisting you using a variety of helpful positions and comfort measures.

Providing continual support and constantly focusing on the comfort of     you and your partner if you have one.

Following your birth preferences, normal in low risk labours.

Providing Aromatherapy Massage to help you to relax.

Explanations about your progress.

Use of rebozo, spinning babies techniques for decent, optomal positioning.

Helping with initial breastfeeding and preserving the privacy of the new family during the first hours after birth.

After the birth I will visit at a time where it is convenient for you to discuss                       feeding and any other issues that may have arisen.



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or call me on: 07762 118215

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