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"I have never worked with a Doula before so I do not have anything to compare with, but I thought you were very helpful and friendly to them and to me. I believed your client needed a lot of support and it was good to have you, as you gave her the kind of support she needed with your sympathy and calmness. You were very good with the massage and I could see she enjoyed it".   Midwife Maria-Luisa Chacon  

"It was great to have Callie to talk everything through with in advance, especially as we planned a home birth.

For my husband, knowing that we would have support prior to the arrival of a midwife was very reassurring".

Callie was a very calming presence throughout, and I'm sure my husband appreciated the 'back up'! Emma & Steve

"It was wonderful having Callie's support. She was kind, considerate, supportive and empowering. She massaged me when required, made sure I was hydrated, also checked that my husband was also ok. She made the birthing process manageable from home".   Deborah Walker

I knew I could take a break when I needed to and not worry, as Callie was there supporting my wife, I would definitely hire a Doula again!”      Steven Thomas 

"I first heard of Doulas with my first child through a friend. As I have no family nearby I decided to search the DUK website where I found Callie. She fulfilled my expectations and exceeded them! I would recommend having a Doula to other women".     Sarah & David

"Callie is a positive, helpful, happy, reassuring and very supportive person. She boosted confidence in myself and in my abilities to nurture my babies and nurture myself. She also helped around the house so I was able to rest more easily. A great credit to the world of Doula'ing".  Sam

"Callie was perfect for me for I knew she was experienced. She was bubbly and great with baby and my toddler. I would highly recommend her".  Carrie

"Your touch, your massage was like the tens machine, it really helped with my labour".  Rana

"I would like to recommend Callie as a birth & postnatal Doula. Her job is essentially, to mother the mother. Callie helped me for the first three months after baby number three and she helped make the transition from 2 to 3 fabulous. Basically she just knows what needs doing, breast feeding advice, making lunch, baby massage, foot massage, school runs, shopping, taking my other children to the park, accompanying me on the first outings with all three little ones, looking after baby so I could spend time with older children, light house work etc. A grand mother of four, Callie knew just what was needed, extreemly professional and an absolute natural. She was brilliant and I can't recommend her highly enough". Helen

Callie was an immense resourse and of great comfort before, during and after the birth of our second child. As a non Brit and someone hoping to achieve a hospital VBAC, I was looking for someone my partner and I would feel comfortable with and confident in, to assist and guide us as we went after our goals for this birth. Despite some personal challenges, (her car caught on fire!) and babys decision for an early labour (3weeks), Callie came through with flying colours. We acheived my VBAC all felt it was an excellent birth. I don't believe I would have been as confident in myself, or comfortable in a foreign (to me) hospital setting without having my Doula present. Maureen & Kyle

"A big thank you for the A1 service you gave us as our Doula. Knowing I had you on our team gave me so much confidence in myself to have the birth I wanted and I am so delughted that it went so well. Thank you for the home made choclolates - absolutely yummy!". Claire & Andy

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"The support and peace of mind callie gave us during the birth of our daughter was invaluable. I can't imagine why any one would want to give birth without using a Doula".    Sarah