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Birth Doula


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Postnatal Support

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Whilst pregnancy is a miracle, it does present many issues where you may have to make some important decisions. I will help you get the information you need so that your choices become properly informed ones.


With midwives being under such pressure with ever increasing workloads, the time spent with mother is more focused on the unborn baby rather than on her. I will offer you my continied growth and experience to give you the opportunity for a better birth outcome.


During labour, I help build confidence in your abilities offering continuity of care, providing unconditional support for you and your partners wishes and needs. I offer encouragement, reassurance, comfort and calming measures, physical contact and explanations about progress. You are less likely to have analgesia, operative births or report dissatisfaction with your birth experience.


Would you like to have a natural birth but not sure how to cope with surges?

Would you want someone there during your whole labour and birth, instead of being passed from midwife to midwife?

Are you thinking of having an epidural but would like to know more about the risks?

Would you like someone experienced who will be with you whilst in labour, to leave your partner to be free to be with your older children if necessary?

You are planning a c-section and need a familiar face should your partner acompany baby to special needs ward?

You had a previous c-section and would like to acheive a VBAC this time round?

You may be feeling dissatisfaction from your previous birth(s) and would like to experience a better birth?


The support of a Doula has a positive effect on the birth outcome during pregnancy and birthing and has been shown in a number of studies.

Findings of Hodnett’s et al meta-analysis of 15 trials from N. America, Europe, and Africa(10) Women cared for during labor by a birth doula, compared to those receiving usual care were:


-    Shortens first-time labour by an average of 2 hours

-    A higher satisfaction with the birth experience

-    Improved communication with medical team

-    Decreases the need for pain relief

-    Reduced levels of fear and anxiety

-    Reduced need for ventous or forceps assistance

-   Better breastfeeding outcomes

-    Lower level of stress hormones

-    Increase in mother/infant interaction                                                                             -    Decrease in post-partum depression and anxiety

-    Improved parent - Baby bonding

-    A higher self esteem.


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